Practice-I     session 2020-21

Title- Awareness  about Covid Vaccination.

Objectives of Practice[1]

Reduction of pressure on the healtheare system. .

Reduction of overall coVID-19 severity and mortality.

Reopening of School, College, University and society.

Disease elimination.

To remove the fear of Covid-19

The practice- This practice was started by all the staff members, NSS volunteers, NCC cadets and other students of the college under the guidance of College Council. All the staff members, NSS volunteers, NCC cadets and other students worked with full dedication to bring awareness about the vaccination. All staff members got themselves vaccinated first and people were also motivated for vaccination. Vaccination program was promoted and disseminated through Facebook, WhatsApp, banner, rallies etc. College students motivated their relatives, friends and people living in their neighborhood to get vaccination.

Evidence of Practice- This practice of the college had a profound effect on all the staff members, students of the college and the people living around the college. The college organized 06 vaccination camps in its campus from time to time with the help of NSS volunteers, NCC cadets and health department. With the help of these vaccination camps, the college got success in getting all its employees vaccinated. Apart from this, the mission of vaccination of all the students of the college was also made possible. In the vaccination camp organized in the colege, the people living in the surrounding area also got the vaccination done. Many social organizations followed this campaign run by the college and vaccination camps were organized by them. The college administration will be ready to organize such camps in future also, if needed.

Problems encountered- Convincing people for vaccination was not such an easy task, but still the college made every effort to make this task a success. Various misconceptions were spread in the minds of the people about vaccination, it was not an easy task to remove those misconceptions and fear from the minds of the people. Through the awareness programs run by the government, the college tried to make people aware. For this awareness programme were organized so that the fear of vaccination was removed from the minds of the people.

Best Practice-II

 Title- Community Help.

Goals and Objectives of Practice-

To build trust between the local people/community and college staffand students.

To give local people and communities the opportunity to take some decision in welfare of students

To provide knowledge of local issues.

To remove barriers between the community and College.

To boost up mutual understanding between College and Community.

To develop a sense of cooperation between community and college.


Context- In today's time, no institution can work without community support. In the matters of educational institutions. it becomes even more important. Students of different caste and creeds, ages and religion etc. come from different places in the college. In such a situation, the importance of community support increases even more. Without community support, we will not be able to do various types of planning for the bright future of the students. So it becomes necessary that the proper conduct of an educational institution requires community support to work for the welfare of the students. Students become familiar with various community helpers and know the ways they are helping the staf, students and comnmunity.

Practice- This practice started under the guidance of worthy Principal and College council.The College has started this practice to bring student's growth in positive direction. As practicing since last many years, this system has developed healthy relationship between the community and college. Community provides financial, physical, instrumental and intellectual support in development of college and college campus

Sucess of Evidence-The practice had a profound effect on the hearts and minds of the students. Ragging has been completely eradicated in the college. Orientation program is conducted at the beginning of every academic session, in which parents of all the students are invited. Complete information about the rules, regulations, policies, principles, code of conduct, inchareges of various cells and committees of the college is provided to the students and their parents. With the low of time people started helping the college in different ways. Only because of this practice of community help, two water coolers and one water purifier were donated by social worker in the college. A shed was also built for the students by another social worker. Apart from this, to beauify the front Boundary wall of the college, painting work was done with the help of community. Beautiful messages and quotes are painted on the boundary wall. Department of Commerce, Department of Geography and Department of Defense Studies have established their own library with the help of old and new students and staff members. They donate their old books to their concerned Department. The main motto of these libraries is to help the needy and poor students.


Problem Encountered- In the beginning. it was not easy to convince the people of the adjoining area to establish a mutual understanding between both as the college is situated in the rural area and people are from farming communities. With the passing time people were invited and convinced to participate in different activity conducted by college. Eminent People were included in some committees of college for community representation.

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